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Planning for your family’s future is one of the most important gifts you can offer them. Whether your plans relate to finances, the care of your children or future health care decisions, a clear and concise plan will save your family from great heartache and confusion in the future.

At the law offices of W. Frank Ward, P.C., I offer detailed guidance throughout the will-creation process. My experience and attention to detail allow me to offer the comprehensive assistance you need to create the most clear and concise will possible.

To better serve your family, I offer no-obligation initial consultations. We will discuss your family’s specific estate planning concerns, your goals and your concerns. Contact my office online or call 678-905-8753 to schedule your free consultation today.

Will Advice Tailored to Your Specific Needs

During my career as an estate planning attorney, I have learned that no two family situations are exactly alike. I strive to provide the detailed and personalized assistance you need to draft a will that addresses your unique concerns and provides the maximum amount of protection for your family.

Whether you are a newly-married couple, have recently had a child, are advancing in age or have started your own business, my experience and attentive assistance provide the support you need to complete all necessary documents relating to your will.

My attention to detail provides you with the information you need to clearly express your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets, the care of your children and the medical attention you wish to receive in the future.

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To help you create a will that effectively sets out your wishes, I take the time to carefully examine your unique financial situation before offering the informative advice you need to complete all necessary planning documents. At each step in the process, I work diligently to ensure your specific needs and concerns are addressed in the great detail they deserve.

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