Probate And Trust Administration

Detailed Probate and Estate Administration Assistance in Marietta

At the law office of W. Frank Ward, P.C., I understand that losing a loved one is never an easy experience. When you have lost a family member or close friend, you need to know that his or her final wishes are being adhered to as closely as possible and that his or her legacy is divided as he or she saw fit throughout the probate and trust administration processes.

With more than 26 years of experience as a lawyer and a keen attention to detail, I offer comprehensive probate and trust administration support to families throughout the Marietta, Georgia, area. In an effort to help your family traverse the probate process as quickly and painlessly as possible, I work diligently to help you address the specific issues relating to your loved one’s will and last wishes.

Whether you need guidance through a simple probate or estate administration proceeding or need advanced assistance with a will dispute, I have the knowledge and experience needed to help you find the most efficient and favorable resolution possible. Contact my office online or call 678-905-8753 or toll free 866-970-7268 to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your family’s specific concerns today.

Personalized Attention to Your Family’s Needs

From simple probate actions to aggressive will contest filings, I have the experience and knowledge needed to help guide you and your family through the probate process as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will be able to stop worrying about your legal issues and start focusing on your emotional well-being.

My comprehensive probate and estate administration representation is designed to help you address the various issues relating to the process, including:

  • Marshalling or collection of assets
  • Inventory of assets
  • Distribution of the estate
  • Payments to creditors

Whatever your family’s specific concerns may be, I work diligently to provide the information you need to guide your family through the process and ensure your loved one’s last wishes are adhered to as honestly and completely as possible.

Contact my office to discuss your family’s probate and trust administration concerns with an attorney who will work to help find the closure you deserve.

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