Marietta Lawyer For Power Of Attorney

Should an unforeseen, unfortunate incident occur and leave you incapacitated, it is important to have your finances in responsible hands. Establishing a contingency plan involves designating a person you would trust to manage your assets. This can be done by preparing documents for powers of attorney, advance medical directives and living trusts.

At my law firm, W. Frank Ward, PC, I work closely with my clients to make sure all of their interests are protected to the fullest extent possible. I also ensure that important documents do not conflict with one another. As a Marietta-based lawyer for power of attorney, I will help you establish legally sound precautionary measures.

Cobb County Attorney For Advance Medical Directives

A power of attorney allows a person or entity (that you have designated) to make decisions for you in certain situations. With 26 years of legal experience, I know what details must be incorporated in the preparation of power of attorney and advance medical directive documents. Some of the template planning documents may be lacking important considerations that we will not overlook.

There are many things to consider when preparing a power of attorney. For instance, it is important to have trusts and powers of attorney aligned to avoid conflicting opinions. It is also important to ensure that a financial power of attorney includes HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) access. And retirement plans such as 401(k) accounts and IRAs require power of attorney to manage those assets; living trusts do not cover the management of those funds.

There are similar considerations to make when preparing an advance medical directive, which is used to outline an individual’s preferences regarding medical decisions should he or she become incapacitated. I ensure that all possible scenarios are considered and covered, such as access to HIPAA, pain management, neurological disease management, life support decisions and other living medical conditions.

I can educate you on your options, and together we will ensure that your medical and financial documents are thoroughly aligned. I have successfully guided many Georgia clients through estate planning phases. After drafting estate planning documents for other lawyers, financial institutions indicated that if the direction in those documents were enacted, they would hold up to any challenge. That is the legal solidarity and thorough preparation I offer for all of my clients.

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For tailored assistance with your unique estate planning goals, send me an email; call me at 678-905-8753 or toll free at 866-970-7268 to schedule a no-obligation consultation. I can accommodate your schedule, including night and weekend appointments, and I will travel to meet with you whenever it is necessary.