Marietta Estate Tax Planning Lawyer

If unaccounted for in your estate plans, estate taxes can significantly reduce your assets before your beneficiaries receive them. It is imperative to talk with a lawyer who understands how estate tax laws — and any changes to them — impact your estate plans. At my law firm, W. Frank Ward, PC, I can ensure that the security you have provided for your loved ones is safeguarded from unnecessary taxation. As a Marietta estate tax planning attorney, I have offered individualized estate planning services to Georgia residents for 26 years.

Experienced, Reliable Cobb County Estate Tax Attorney

Estate tax laws are constantly changing; when those changes occur, it is vital to speak with a lawyer. Recent changes to estate tax laws have made future rates, exemptions and other tax conditions easier to predict, which provides a great opportunity to secure plans for your family and loved ones.

However, laws are not set in stone. That is why establishing a trusting, professional relationship with an attorney can help prevent tax-law changes from causing unnecessary impacts. It is important that the attorney takes the time to know you and your wishes when reviewing or creating an estate plan. When reviewing your estate plans and considering tax impacts, I will consider several assets and factors, including:

  • Real estate
  • Life insurance plans
  • Business worth
  • Annuities
  • Income payable after death
  • Distributions from pensions
  • Available tax exemptions
  • The impact of inflation on tax rates

If you own a business, it is especially important to ensure that you know the true value of the business to determine if an estate tax plan should be incorporated with your estate planning. Do not risk receiving improper valuation or overlooking assets; every individual and family is unique, and I will work closely with you to establish confidence and comfort with your legal decisions.

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To receive help with your estate planning and to understand how estate taxes will impact your beneficiaries, call me at 678-905-8753, toll free at 866-970-7268 or send me an email to schedule a no-obligation consultation. For your convenience, I can accommodate your schedule, including night and weekend availability, and if necessary, I can travel to meet with you.