Business Formation & Business Continuation

Experienced Attention to Your Business Formation and Continuation Concerns

Whether you are a fledgling owner undergoing the business formation process or are an established entity looking to make a smooth transition in ownership, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be invaluable for helping you protect your interests and the well-being of your business.

At the office of W. Frank Ward, P.C., I offer more than 26 years of experience to provide detailed business formation and continuation support to owners throughout the Marietta, Georgia, area. My work as a business law attorney and my detailed knowledge of the formation process allow me to offer the comprehensive support you need to ensure the safety of your investment.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your business formation or continuation concerns, please call 678-905-8753 or toll free 866-970-7268 or contact my office online.

Detailed Formation Guidance

The business formation process involves much more than selecting the type of business and registering with the IRS. To obtain the maximum protection for your business and personal finances, many other issues should be addressed during this key step, including:

  • Proper entity selection, including formation of the LLC, partnership, etc.
  • Establishing record keeping procedures
  • Scheduling shareholder and partner meetings
  • Taxation issues

My dedicated support throughout the formation process is designed to help you protect your business and personal finances from future liability, tax liability and legal action.

Advanced Business Continuation Assistance

Planning for the future of your business can be an effective strategy for avoiding issues in the future. Much like an estate plan, a business continuation plan can help your entity avoid complications following a death or incapacitation in the ownership group.

My detailed planning guidance is designed to help you create a contingency plan for any foreseeable situation, giving your business the ability to make smooth transitions and avoid complications between shareholders and partners.

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